Work Value Update: Our fight for ALL aged care workers

Our HSU Work Value Case is ramping up again, with union members continuing the fight for a 25% pay increase for ALL aged care workers.

You can see just some of the actions members took throughout Thank You Day in September here:

While the 15% interim increase for direct care workers was fantastic, members in support services roles in kitchens, cleaning, laundry, administration, and maintenance unfortunately missed out.

Our fight has been and will always be for a 25% pay increase for ALL aged care workers.

Now that the fight heads back to the Fair Work Commission. A group of dedicated HSU members have given statements in support of our claim, highlighting the vital work of cleaners, administration officers, laundry workers, and maintenance officers.

These members, like those who have already given statements in our case, and the thousands who have taken action in your workplaces, are leading the fight for better pay for all aged care workers.

The Fair Work Commission will hear our evidence in December, where we will continue the call for a 25% increase for all aged care workers.

This has been a long battle for increased wages, but we can stand proud of the incredible work HSU members have done so far and be ready to continue the fight for all workers to get a pay increase.