Your Rights at Work: New Model of Care at Macquarie Lodge Aged Care Plus

On 3 December, the Health Services Union received a letter from Salvation Army Aged Care Plus management advising of the introduction of a “redesigned” model of care.

Meetings have been scheduled for this Thursday 9 December where we will find out more about the changes and their impact on members. Your HSU local organiser Hyojung Kim will attend both morning (online) and afternoon (in person) sessions.

Expected changes briefly mentioned in the letter from the management are below:

  • Duty lists
  • Hours of work/shift times
  • Roster changes
  • Medication delivery

Any of these changes are considered major workplace change that has a great impact.

After the staff meetings, you may be invited to an individual consultation meeting. Remember that you are entitled to bring an HSU representative with you. Members who would like representation should contact your local HSU Organiser Hyojung Kim via [E-Mail not displayed] or 0458 012 322.

In the meantime, members are advised:

  • Not to go to any meeting by yourself
  • Not to sign anything until you’ve received advice
  • Ask questions and find out as much as you can to stay informed
  • Talk with your colleagues about the changes and what impact they are likely to have on workloads and resident care
  • Come to union member meetings, online and offline

Over the coming weeks we will have to work closely as a team to make sure that you, your colleagues, and your collective rights are respected. We are always stronger when we stand together.

Keep this important conversation about your rights at work going. Ask your workmates to join the Union so they can be represented. New members can join at or by calling 1300 478 679.