Private Health Update

  • Published April 11, 2024

HSU members in private healthcare are gearing up for bargaining across the sector – with workers in private hospitals, pathology labs and imaging clinics telling management it’s time to put fair pay rises and better conditions on the table.

HSU members are standing together to fight for their rights and conditions across the sector.

Meanwhile, Healthe Care management are refusing to come to the table and bargain with workers.

HSU members at Healthe Care want to negotiate a new enterprise agreement to set out their wages and conditions - in fact, they’re waiting at the bargaining table!

But Healthe Care management is missing in action. Why are they hiding?

At the star of this year, hundreds of Healthe Care workers signed a HSU petition calling for an improved wages offer, currently sitting at 2.5 per cent per year. The HSU bargaining team repeatedly called on Healthe Care to come back to the negotiation table but are yet to hear anything.

Private pathology stands together!

HSU members working in private pathology have come together to talk next steps in making their industry a better place to work.

Pathology workers are hard-working, determined professionals carrying out a challenging job.

A survey of private pathology workers recently revealed they’re committed, loved their jobs, and valued their patients. But the same survey revealed a shocking 77 per cent of HSU private pathology members had seriously considered leaving the industry in the past 12 months because of a lack of respect from management, low pay, poor working conditions, understaffing and the lack of personal development in their workplaces.

More than 50 per cent of them also do not see themselves still working in the industry in three years’ time - despite their love and dedication to the job.

Now, those members are working together to set out priorities to start building a positive change within the sector and forge a sector that respects and values its workforce.