In the workplace: A WHS case study from food services

  • Published October 19, 2021

In the workplace: A WHS case study from food services

Not long ago, members working in Food Services at Canberra Hospital raised concerns about the ‘ware washer’ at their site. Unfortunately, the washer was not functioning properly creating significant humidity and making the work environment uncomfortable for employees.

Together through collective action, members, delegates, and their HSU Organiser pursued the issue to get it resolved. Even though it took time to get action on an assessment and replacement of this machine, they weren’t discouraged. As a result of the persistent action and correspondence from members, delegates, and Organisers, management have replaced the machine and made modifications to the heating and ventilation systems. Heat temperature is now within desired limits and members are much happier at work. This represents a significant improvement to the working environment and is a huge win for members in the ACT. “This is an excellent result. It just goes to show that members working with their union can make a world of difference in their workplace,” said Gerard Hayes, Secretary of the HSU.

Share Your Story With hundreds of staff working within our hospitals, there are hundreds more unseen support staff working in the background to keep health facilities running. That is why the HSU makes it a priority to visit these members, hear their concerns and work towards ensuring their working conditions are safe and free from danger. Through a new series of stories based on real accounts, we will be shining a spotlight on different issues that have arisen in various workplaces and how they have been pursued and resolved through collective action.

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