HSU Allied Health Update March 2023

  • Published April 3, 2023

The HSU Allied Health Industrial Advisory Committees have been working tirelessly reviewing the Allied Health Awards. The Committees have developed strategic plans to improve recognition, representation, and collective strength of Allied Health professionals.

HSU Wages Policy Campaign 

The HSU is demanding the wages cap be removed. This is the only way members can negotiate fair wages and better awards. The new Labor Government has pledged to remove the cap, but the campaign continues until it happens.

Fix NSW Health

NSW Health receives $33 billion in funding, which is one third of the state budget. However, health professionals are still underpaid, and there are understaffed departments and unfilled vacancies across the public health system. 

The HSU released the ‘Reform Critical: A Fragmented Health System at Breaking Point’ report. We need a Royal Commission into public health to identify where the money is going, because it’s not going to the pockets of hardworking health workers. 

Hospital Scientist Award Variation Case 

The HSU continues to fight for a new and improved Hospital Scientist Award. Due to the immense work of the HSU Hospital Scientist Committee, the HSU successfully challenged NSWHP’s original application and brought the employer to the table to negotiate.

We’re now in the process of finalising the HSU position paper. Both parties will share their position paper on March 31, 2023. The HSU will continue holding statewide member meetings where strategic discussion and voting on key issues will occur democratically. Keep your eyes out for future communication with information on time and dates for these meetings.

Industrial Advisory Committees

To get a specific update on the work of your respective professional committee, please click the links below: 

Aboriginal Health Worker

Dental Services


Health Education Officers

Library Staff

Medical Physicist

Medical Radiation Scientist

Occupational Therapy





Social Workers

Speech Pathology

For non-members, now is the time to join the HSU and stand up for better conditions. You can join using this link: https://www.hsu.asn.au/join.