Proposed Changes to ED Clerical Rostering and Environmental Services

The HSU has received correspondence from CCLHD regarding proposed changes to the ED Clerical Rostering and Environmental Services at Wyong Hospital. The ED Clerical the formal letter can be seen at this link. Also attached is the full proposal business case around the rostering the changes.

The main points members need to be aware of the following points:

  • Improved rostering practices with three consistent start times within the department utilising 8hr profiles.
  • Staff will have the option to rotate through the various roles expanding their knowledge and skills within the department.
  • Staff have greater flexibility with shift swaps, self-rostering by means of “roster requests”.
  • The department will have increased ability to cover leave when staffed are multi- skilled.
  • Current staff not willing to change will not lose hours each fortnight, or weekend allocation.
  • Provide varied opportunities to work with different shift partners each shift.
  • Three staff that are currently on 10hr profiles who will be required to change to 8hr profiles.

Also attached for our environmental services members is correspondence relating to changes to sign on-sign off procedures. The main points in the correspondence is that management have given a commitment that the system will not be used to inappropriately discipline members.

Can members please read the correspondence and provide feedback to your Industrial Organiser Matt Ramsay by COB FRIDAY 7TH May. Matt’s email address is [E-Mail not displayed].

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD