Hospital Scientists & Technical Officers Award Negotiations Update

Your Technical Officer and Hospital Scientist Industrial Committees, with the assistance of the HSU’s industrial team, have worked hard over the past few months to develop concepts for the development of a new Award.

The documents provided are not final or approved positions – they are intended to stimulate debate with an aim to develop a new classification structure covering both Hospital Scientists and Technical Officers that works for all.

The Committees have approved providing the documents to the broader membership for review and feedback. You can provide your feedback in upcoming statewide meetings or by emailing the HSU at [E-Mail not displayed].

The documents for review are:

  1. A detailed explanation document, which should be read first.
  2. A frequently asked questions document, which should be read second.
  3. A diagram of a high-level impression of the classification structure.
  4. A diagram of a high-level impression of career progression for diploma or certificate-qualified scientists.
  5. A diagram of a high-level impression of career progression for degree-qualified scientists.

This is an exciting time for scientists. It is the first time in decades that your awards have been opened up for real change. To succeed, all members need to have input and engagement. Talk to your colleagues. Turn up to meetings. Provide your feedback. Together, we’ll create a future proof new award that will properly recognise your work, qualifications and experience.

We’re a long way from finished – we need input from those impacted so that we capture every member’s circumstances. If you don’t think your work is reflected in this document – get in touch. Those in specialist non-pathology scientist roles, research roles, technical scientific roles, and FASS are particularly encouraged to get involved.