The Terraces: Transfer to Anglicare Enterprise Agreement Approved

Anglicare recently acquired “The Terraces”, Presbyterian Aged Care’s residential care home in Paddington.

Following consultation with HSU members, Anglicare's proposal to move existing staff from your current enterprise agreement to the Anglican Community Services Enterprise Agreement 2017 has been approved by the Fair Work Commission.

The transfer will occur on 1 November 2023, from which date your wages and conditions of employment will be set by the Anglican Community Services Enterprise Agreement 2017. You can view a copy of this agreement at this link.

The pay rates of most classifications are higher under Anglicare’s agreement. However, for the few classifications whose rate of pay is higher under the old Presbyterian agreement, Anglicare has committed to continue paying the higher rate so no one will receive a pay cut.

This commitment is formalised in the recently published Order from the Fair Work Commission, which is at this link.

If you have any concerns about transition to the Anglicare enterprise agreement, please contact your local Organiser or the HSU office for assistance.  

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