Aged Care & Disability

If you work in aged care – we are your union!

Aged care members have been working on the frontlines through fires, floods, and the COVID-19 crisis. As your union we are here to make sure that you get the support and protection that you need at work.

There are currently 12,000 HSU members in aged care right now and we’re growing ever day! Together, we are stronger than ever.


Over the past few months, HSU members in aged care across the country have come together to demand a better deal for aged care professionals as a part of the ‘We’re Worth It’ campaign.

Find out more about the fight for better wages here.

The retention payment

The HSU has been leading the way on extending the Aged Care Retention Payment. 

The retention payment for aged care workers is great news. But restricting payments to ‘direct care’ workers is grossly unfair. Carers aren't alone on the front lines. Cleaners, cooks, laundry workers, admin workers, therapists - all workers in the aged care sector deserve recognition.

The COVID-19 virus will not discriminate between carers and kitchen staff, between permanent, agency or casual employees, in aged care facilities, all workers in the sector should receive this payment.

That’s why we have been pushing the Federal Government to extend the Aged Care Retention Payment to all aged care professionals.

Our online petition has over 17,000 signatures – sign it today!

Protecting you at work

Working in aged care has never been easy, but the impact of COVID-19 has seen our essential workers stretched to their limits.

The HSU is here to protect you at work.

If you are concerned about a lack of PPE or your safety at work, please don’t wait, contact us today!

Interested in becoming a delegate?

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